The Spring-Eyed Pyro (Alienum venator luscos (Latin for stange eyed hunter)) is a creature found by Dr. Marxman at sawmill. It is a pyro with eyes that appear to pop out at people. It is unknown what these do. It does not kill friendlies and was very open to an interview. It is very skilled in its hunting despite its kindness. Its age is unknown, as there is one of them, but it was thought to be an infant for many reasons. The one animal's name Is Spooky. It paid attention and followed orders, and even tried making peace with other mercenaries. As Marxman was interviewing him, Spooky defended both of them, proving its loyalty to mercenaries and scientists. It is thought to be the only one of its species. He will be further investigated by the biologist team.

Required items:

(Pyro Class)

Wraith Wrap


Air Raider


Flare Gun


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