250px-Noh Mercy

The Sponi. Though this one carries a knife, they prefer to cause trouble without violence.

The Sponi (Spy Oni) is a rare tf2-nimal. Hailing from cp_japan, Sponi's are notorious troublemakers and are willing to cause mischief by any mean's necessary. 


Sponi's are know for their mischievous behavior. Though they are not violent, Sponi's are disrespectful to others. They often insult bystanders by laughing at them. Sometimes they might take the form of someone else and cause trouble as the person they are disguised as. Some Sponi's are shy and tend to cloak every time someone is nearby. It is said that Sponi's commonly appear every time somebody messes up on something

Annoyance StrategyEdit

Most Sponi's tend to laugh at people who mess up on something like a Soldier who fails at rocket jumping. Some Sponi's tend to stare at other people uncomfortably and follow them around. Sponi's might also shout MEDIC! even though they have full health just to annoy the poor Medic, some might hurt themselves on purpose as another way of annoying occupied medics.

To be a Sponi, You must have:

-Noh Mercy

-Taunt: Schadenfreude (Optional)

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