Non-RP species

This TF2nimal is not a roleplay species.

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Security Footage of first Spider Pyro sighting

Spider Pyros are a new mysterious species of masked pyros. They were discovered by Prof. Scoot and a local food chain restaurant located in ██████ when a Spider Pyro attacked the customers, leading to Scoot going into Self Defense Mode and slaughtering the pyro. ██████ Police tracked footprints of the creature to a cave located next to Site-███. The cave was inhabited by █████ Spider Pyros, being heavily guarded by Spider Pyros wearing kevlar body armor and armed with MP5 submachine guns, presumably stolen from ██████'s armory.

Behavior Edit

Spider Pyros like to travel by shooting a mysterious web-like substance out of their wrists and using it to "web sling". This sometimes leads to Spider Pyros being mistaken for the vigilante, "Spider Man". They capture their pray by covering the victim in webs and then devouring it.

When domesticated, they will follow their owners by either crawling with them or web slinging to them. They will usually attack those who harm their owner.

Domestication Edit

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Spider Man and his pet Spider Pyro

Mayor [REDACTED] of █████ made it legal to tame and own Spider Pyros a month after it's discovery.

Black suit Spider Pyro Edit

On Sunday, May 22, a Spider Pyro with a black suit, much like the one Spider Man once used, was seen web swinging across the city of New York. It was seen chasing Spider Man. Further investigation has started.

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