Spaghetti Aliens are a species of extraterrestrial spies that travel the multiverse in search of spaghetti. They were first sighted by

Artist depiction by eye witness

Prof. Scoots when he was saving the life of a woman who was about to get eaten by a plate of lasagna.


Spaghetti Aliens seem to visit Earth to research our spaghetti recipes, and they seen to be obsessed with spaghetti. It may be essential for their health. 

They look like the average spy, but often has spaghetti pouring out of its pocket.


Spaghetti UFOs usually have spaghetti spewing out of them. There are usually piles of spaghetti after a Spaghetti Alien encounter.

Spaghetti Alien Abduction #1Edit

Subject: Chef Pootis

Chef Pootis claims to have been abducted by a Spaghetti UFO while he was preparing a dish of Italian chicken sausage pasta for the Queen of England. After giving the dish to the Queen, he fainted and awoke in a room with no doors, with the walls being chrome.

He adds that two Spaghetti Aliens entered the room through walking through the walls, and strangled him. They then put him o
1200px-RED Überneedle
n a chair and threatened to electrocute him unless he gave the recipe for the pasta. After he gave up the recipe, the aliens injected him with an strange serum. All he remembers after that is waking up in his home, with a gift wrapped bowl of buttered noodles on the counter. He also had found that the aliens may have accidentally left the syringe there, and it was half full. He returned it to Scoot Labs, and it is currently being studied. 

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