The Solture is a carrion bird and part of the Militis family. Unlike other Militis, they have no sense of honour. It is for this reason that they are often killed by Trolldier Hunters and other animals. They are vile creatures that deserve only total extinction. They soar above battlefields, waiting for the chaos to abate before picking off wounded mercenaries and consuming them.

Behaviour Edit

Solture soar high above desert areas such as hightower, fighting amongst themselves and occasionally landing to mate. They have no mating season, however they tend to breed more during spring due to the abundance of young animals and eggs to feed on. They build scraggly nests of sicks and bones in trees, the more bones in a nest, the more impressive it is in there eyes.

Diet Edit

The Solture will eat anything, however it prefers to attack wounded Animals for easy pickings, killing them with a long, claw like appendage and feasting on the remains. Due to this scavenging lifestyle, they are prone to Brain Maggots and other Parasites. Occasionally when starved they will gladly attack and eat other Soltures, even their own young.

Relations Edit

The Solture is closely related to the Trolldier and more distantly, the Explosive Soldier bird.

Appearance Edit

The Solture is slightly smaller than most militis, with dirty, insect infected feathers and a greenish claw on one forelimb. Many have visible Brain Maggots burrowing and clinging onto their chests.

Required items Edit

- Rocket Jumper

-Base Jumper

-M gardener

- Grub grenades (optional)