The Solshroom (Also called the Soldstool) is part of the Militis family, however it is not directly an animal, it is actually 67% fungus, making it a living mushroom.


2 Solshrooms

They are well known for the spores that the create, as it can cause hallucinations in a simmilar way to LSD, a type of drug.


The Solshroom is a very dormant species, as it hardly moves or reacts to external harm, however it does not mean it is not sentient. Video recording showed that it moves but and an extremely slow pace when walking, like a starfish. It seems to live in harmony with other TF2nimals, however it has an emergency defense if they are harvested while "Awake"


It's most well known trait is being able to switch into 3 different stages, and one of the 3, is considered a parasitic spore. The first stage is its dormant stage, at this point , it releases small spores to multiply, however medics use these spores to power Kritzkriegs, witch they can smoke through taunt consumption. The second stage is when it is in a slow moving mobile state. The spores then change to those of a toadstools via an odd split second metamorphosis of sorts. The spores are toxic, so be wary of them. And for last, the death stage. At this stage the Solshroom is old and rotting, most likely running out of nutrients from the soil. It occasionally releases dormant spores to be carried by the wind and infect other species. When the spore is realesed, it becomes much like a parasite, and will infect a multitude of tf2nimals. It then takes the tf2nimal it infected (Mainly Pyrants and Soldier tf2nimals) to a spot suitable from the mushroom to live, it will then kill the tf2nimal, feeds off of the last nutrients of the corpse, and finally grow into a Solshroom, ready to burrow into the ground, and thus the cycle continues.


>New type of Solshroom found, dubbed the Soldstool or Evolved Solshroom

>Study shows that the Soldstool can break through metal and corrupt it with an unidentified substance

> Study shows that they can be identified with a larger neckline area with spotted colors

> Further research shows that the Solshroom's root can be used as a whip for self defence, making

it much more intelligent


WARNING: The shrooms may contain toxins or neurotoxins that affect the brain, and can also result in memory loss, insomnia, and schizophrenia. Saftey items include the hazmatt suit with will included in a memo for the near future. Solshroom infestation is best treated with jarate.


Furious Fukaamigasa or Hong Kong cone

Disciplinary action (evolved only)

Green painted Mercs mufller (evolved only)