The Sollycrab is a crab-like creature once thought to be a subspecies of the Democrab, but disproved when scientists thoroughly observed a specimen.

Behavior and LifestyleEdit

Sollycrabs are mainly found crawling on the bottom of large bodies of water, looking for the nearest Engy Coral to rest in. They need to breathe air, like all other TF2-nimals, but thanks to a square organ on their backs, it takes a longer time for them to drown. If they begin to drown while voyaging on the seafloor, they will float up to the surface to regain their breath. The reason for this is that they need to be as strong as possible when facing predators.

Sollycrabs are possibly the only animal that can get away from Pyrosharks without difficulty. As soon as one zaps one of these hardy animals, they take off with incredible speed. They aren't concerned about breathing once they are zapped by a Pyroshark, because the air will nullify the electric shock, and getting away will be harder. However, this doesn't mean that Sollycrabs always get their way. If one begins to drown before being shocked, it may die from a single shock and become a helpless snack for the Pyroshark.

Sollycrabs have very poor hunting equipment, as their pincers are soft and viable to piercing. They have developed a strategy where they go for as long as possible without eating. This period can last up to a month! Their main prey is Scootgull, which is commonly seen floating on the water. They are impossible to get while resting, as they will fly away when they feel a disturbance beneath them. However, while they are taunting other animals, the Sollycrab will float up and grab both of the Scootgull's legs, dragging them under and drowning them.

Mating is very similar to the mating of Explosive Soldier Penguins, as they will detect each other by touch (because they are always looking up for Scootgulls) and have a contest. The contest is very different, however. The female will see how long each male can go without breathing. The winner will float up to the water with the female, and they will find a nearby island to mate.


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