Solly Birds are mostly harmless creatures. They fly around (rocket jump) looking for their favorite snack. they eat alot of plants (Health packs) and sometimes meat. their favorite hunt is the sniperdiles. altough having many diffrent species of solly bird they mostly act the same. Some solly birds have been seen killing pyrosharks but never eating them.

Solly birds use a sort of flat claw (market gardener) that when it impacts deals massive damage to the bones of the target. They will sometimes carry backpacks (concheror) that seems to give them healing powers.

Cliff Sollybird Edit

The cliff sollybird is the most common breed. they are mostly found on hightower and thundermountain. they love flying low and swooping down on their enemies. they come in alot of sizes and colors. it will sometimes attack its own if its feeling threatened.

Canyon Sollybird Edit

This rare breed of solly birds are only seen in canyons. they will sometimes go up to the ledges of the canyon to procreate. These birds are only seen at midday as they are very lazy creatures. They come in a bright yellow color and seem to have a yellow beard. the beard supposedly is to carry its young incase of danger.

Forest Sollybird Edit

The forest sollybird is the most hostile of the sollybirds. it exists in areas with massive forests such as sawmill and thundermountain. they all seem to be green with orange hats. these hats are likely scavenged from their prey. The forest sollybird will however once a year on halloween curse merasmuses name. they will also travel to lakeside on this day. most of them die to the wizard but some have been able to defeat him.

Upward Sollybird Edit

The upward sollybird is only found in upward and is incredibly rare. it seems to live ontop of the various buildings of upward and will only go from their nests during hunts. The females of this breed however are rarely ever seen. their claw seems to have a big spike (escape plan) and they are extremely hostile.

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