Soldier Jumping

A Solgaroo mid-leap.

Solgaroos are friendly, mostly harmless, marsupials who mostly live in climates like Sawmill and Hightower, but who migrate to Coldfront and Nucleus in the winter.


Solgaroos often wear hats, coloured clothing, or other accessories, because of this, they often scavenge from other species.

Solgaroos have developed enough to equip themselves with either scavenged, or self-made. These range from a common-or-garden leather backpack, to a wooden case, to a tactical radio. Male Solgaroos equip themselves with conches or 

Itsy Bitsy Spyder

One example of a toy nursed by a confused Female Solgaroo

horns for the mating season.

Female Solgaroos develop pouches on their chest. These often carry young Solgaroos, or other species' children. Female Solgaroos will raise any baby TF2-nimal they find abandoned or left alone in the wilderness. Several very confused female Solgaroos have even been found nursing small dolls or teddies.


The Solgaroos tend to settle in high, warm places. They tend to travel and settle in packs, however, although it is not unusual to see a Solgaroo migrate on its own.

Migration and Mating SeasonEdit

 Winter: November to January: The Solgaroo migrate over many lands until they find a land hot enough for them, that has a nice high place, and a water source. They then settle; until the next migration season.

Summer: May to July, Autumn: September to October, Spring: March to April: The mating season of the Solgaroo is a sight to behold. The male Solgaroos all compete for a female by first using their mating call (the horn/conch), and then seeing who can jump higher. The females stand back and watch, deciding who they shall mate with.


Male: Any Rocket Launcher

       Buff Banner/Concheror/Battalion's Backup

       Any Melee Weapon

Female: Any Rocket Launcher


           Any Melee Weapon

           (optional) Pocket Medic (Or another Pocket misc)