Soldroids are quirky, unpredictable, and a mysterious Militis species. Their origins and reason for existence is

The rare Soldroid threatening an opponent.

unknown as of yet, but they have been observed crawling around various maps, patrolling corridors and seemingly guarding them. They seem to be artificial TF2-nimals as well, having been observed with mechanical body parts and yet, living organs.


Soldroids constantly spout phrases such as, "Beep Boop, Maggot," or "Blop Barp Barp." When threatening the opposition, they will yell, "I AM A ROBOT, I WAS BUILT TO SCARE YOU!" This further supports the above stated theory that they are artificial beings, rather than natural beings. Some Soldroids also carry a large whip around with them, originally thought to torture enemies. This theory has been disproved, though, due to the sight of two Soldroids whipping each other to actually help each other move large distances at a faster pace.

Soldroids are a very rare species, and are only found on full moons and Halloween. The cause for this nocturnal behavior is unknown, but it is theorized to have lunar power. Most of the time, Soldroids malfunction. Many Soldroids have been seen walking in circles, others have been seen just simply whipping the ground, and others have been seen trying to walk through walls.


  • The Tin Soldier Set (all parts are required for full effect)
  • Disciplinary Action (optional, but preferred)
  • Any Grordbort Weapon (yet again, optional, but preferred)

Sub species: Solider drone The solider drone is a flying verson of the soldroid and will take flight by doing the grenade taunt then switching to rocket jumper then uses base jumper. It is a new species so not much is known about it and it was first found in areo space.