The SolGoat is new and rather uncommon species. They can be very hostile at times of hunger, or if they just feel like chewing.

4000 screenshots 2014-05-29 00001

The first ever documented male SolGoat

(This page is in development, as this is a newly found species and I'm still documenting it)

The SolGoat Charges Edit

The SolGoat charges, as called by the biologists, was an event that was first seen when an expedition across the Badlands was happening. Thousands of SolGoat, female and male, were charging through the grassy area. Why this was is unknown. They were thought to be migrating or hunting another large group of food. Dr. Marxman was with them, and he wrote this down in his journal:

"When I saw them at first, I was amazed. One of the other biologists and I stayed there for hours, watching them run by. They are a very powerful species, especially in groups. We did not interfere with them. Snow is beginning to heavily fall, and I am starting to see Winter Medisheep and Rams. We didn't chase them, as they were simply too fast, even for the Scouts on our trip."

4000 screenshots 2014-05-29 00002

The first every documented female SolGoat

Player Requirements:


If Male:

Any rocket launcher

Any secondary

Escape Plan/Equalizer (Always active)

Infernal Impaler

If Female:

Any rocket launcher

Any secondary

Escape Plan/Equalizer (Always active)

Skull Island Topper

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