The Snypterid is a prehistoric relative to the Horseshoe Snycrab and a relative to all arachnid tf2nimals. Judgeing from fossils found on this beast of the Paleozoic era, unlike the horseshoe snycrab who was a herbivore and a very defencive tf2nimal, the Snypterid is a more aggresive hunter tf2nimal with great swimming capabilities, though not as good as the Horseshoe Snycrab.
90px-Backpack Tribalman's Shiv

This is the fossil of the creature's arm

Snypterid fossil

This I a sketch of what the full facial shell of the creature may have looked like


This Paleozoic behemoth from what fossils show, had a shell slightly smaller then the Snycrab, with part of it covering the face like a mask. Its also had sickle like arms hanging at it's sides, ready to slash open any prey that enters its path. It is also shown that its body structure allows it to go into a more compact form to give it better swimming capabilities


Hollowed headcase


tribal mans shiv

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