Decipi celeri-premens bacteria

Snort Syndrome (D. celeri-premens bacterium) is a rare and fatal disease most commonly in the Decipio family (Spies) that is infamously known for the excessive snorting caused by it. Sphees and Civilian Spies are exceptionally vulnerable to this rare disease, thus making it one of the primary reasons their population frequently lowers.   

The origin of this disease is currently unknown, though research points to ties with the Pseudo-Spycrab

Infection Rate Edit

As mentioned above, the Decipio family is particularly vulnerable to this disease with a nearly 98% infection rate.The exception, however, is Decipio Capsa (BoxSpy), which is highly resistant to the disease unlike other members of the Decipio family. The current hypothesis as to why this is points to a previously unknown thin protective layer of unknown materials coating the inside of their shell. 

Despite infecting mostly the Decipio family, reports of the virus infecting individuals of the Aedificare and Militis family (Engineer and Soldier) have been found.  

Aedificare Maris (Engy Coral) have been linked as passive carriers. Further research is required.  

Symptoms Edit

Infection typically follows a cycle of 3 stages if left untreated. 

- Stage 1 (5-7 days after contact): Small, uncontrollable muscle spasms, itchiness and burning on and around the nose.  

- Stage 2 (8-12 days after contact): Small and soft snorting. Notable degeneration of fine motor skills. Minor seizures are rare, but do happen in some individuals. 

-  Stage 3 (14-20 days after contact): Intensified snorting, often lasting more than 8 seconds at a time. Loss of gross motor skill occurred in some individuals. Grand mal seizures rarely occur with some individuals in later portions of Stage 3. 

- Death (21-32 days after contact) due to asphyxiation or injury from Stage 3 seizures. 

Cure Edit

The best cure is prevention. It is recommended that hand washing and use of hospital-grade gloves should be used when field examining any non-sentient Decipio subject or any instance of Aedificare Maris. Infectious Exam 4A-S are to be used to ensure that individuals are free from any trace of the disease. All species suspected of infection are to be put in Bio-hazard isolation until symptoms subside and they pass IE 4A-S or when death occurs, in which they are to be disposed properly.

A document about a cure was found in the archives, but most of it is unreadable due to water damage.

[unreadable] ...Übercharge from an Experimental Medic... [unreadable] ...the wild due to Protocol 6629-402...[unreadable] ...creatures die from this horrid disease.

More research into this document is ongoing.

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