"Interviewing is a good job, mate" - SniptorEdit


The Sniptor's name is a mix between 'sniper' and 'scriptor', which is latin for writer. The rare Sniptor (Snipe-tor) appears to be an
Bandicam 2015-09-26 13-36-53-069

A computer generated photo of what the Sniptor looks like with his 'camera'

evolved Cephaneco who developed a language similar to ours. They used to be found anywhere interviewing someone or something, even if it cannot talk. A group of local geologists accidently found a tribe of Sniptors after coming back from a cave exploration. They, exact quote, 'Saw the leader talkin' to a rock. Well, more of a geode. Actually, it may have been an ignious...' The rest of the conversation has been cut to save space.

The face of the Sniptor is always consealed, so the exact identity of each one remains a mystery. This is also supported by the fact that there has only been one case of them ever made.

They have been known to rarely carry a camera, which resembles the Machina. They love taking headshots, with the occasional bodyshot.

Behaviors​ and HabitsEdit

The Sniptors are constantly seeking knowledge, interviewing everyone interesting before moving on. The Sniptor is
Bandicam 2015-09-26 13-37-22-955

A Sniptor interviewing. Also a computer generated image

passive, and will not attack unless in great danger. They have never been known to mate and it has been said they have massive life spans, ranging from 1,000-2,500 years. The Sniptors can adapt easily and can face almost any obstacle if it is blocking their way to knowledge. They get along well with most of the other TF2-nimals, gaining their trust and intel along the way.

They live in groups, though there is the occasional loner. The hierarchy goes:

Alpha- Killer Exclusive, Graybanns, Double-Cross Comm

Main- Killer Exclusive, Graybanns, Bruiser's Bandana

Apprentice- Killer Exclusive, Graybanns, Villian's Viel

Omegas- Killer Exclusive, Professor Speks, Villians Viel

They are most well known for their Codexes, each one containing all interviews from that year. Most of the books have rotted away into nothing, as the Sniptors are yet to find book immortality.

NOTE: This loadout can be worn by Researchers as it offers a disguise when viewing other TF2-nimals​

NOTE: People have now started training the Sniptors for being TF2-nimal researchers, as they closely resemble humans.

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