250px-Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride

A Snipostrich using its back muscles to give the illusion of a smiling mercenary, taking aim.

The Snipostrich is a curious and recently discovered TF2nimal. 


Snipostriches are well known for their extremely realistic false rider. The Snipostrich has extentions on its back which looks almost exactly like a mercenary. This illusion is to scare off predators to trick them into thinking that there are mercenaries around. All together, the Snipostrich looks as if there is a mercenary riding upon the Snipostrich's back.

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Snipostriches are highly intelligent and special in the way it does not have a brain. Tf2nimal experts are working on how it learns and memborises anything. Typical found in the badlands they hide themselfs in grass and sometimes water to try gain a egde on its enemies. Experts believe that it evoled from the walkpers who are now a long lost breed of the abnormal family. Unlike the walkpers, snipostrich can fire powerful solid pieces of tungsunn at the prey it picks. Experts are puzzled how the tf2nimal gets tungsten and fasions it into a bullet shape. Snipostiiches can kill anything at a distant but in a close fight they choone to spray enemies with a mixture of urine and potasuim nitrate. Which makes the victim more noticablee and makes ot take more damage. The potasiimm nitrate and urine mixture even aids fire deal more damage.

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