This is definitely one of the most deadliest animals out there, the Snipoacher shows no mercy for any other animals. It wears an owl head, note that it is not an Sniper Owl, it killed an innocent Sniper Owl and ripped the head off it and wore it as a mask for some odd reason. It also ripped a baby Snipostrich from it's family and took the Ostrich for itself. Obviously it must wear it's trademark Poacher's Safari Jacket to represent order.

Habitat Edit

This animals habitat usually consists of warm places or places with many trees it is usually found up in trees or in glitched spots that aren't physically possible to reach. These spots allow the Snipoacher to have a great angle on all the spots where other innocent animals/friendlies may be hiding.

Prey/Predators Edit

These horrible creatures prey on any wildlife animal they can find but the do also kill them if they're not hungry too so you're never safe. The only predators these things have are mlg spys and diseases.

Subspecies Edit

There are no subspecies.

Requirements Edit

Why are you reading this, why would you ever want to be one?

  • Sir Shootsalot (Owl Head)
  • Poacher's Safari Jacket (Jacket)
  • Mr. Mundee's Wild Ride (Ostrich)

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