The Snipikarp, also reffered to sometimes (rather inaccurately) as the Jarate Squid, is quite harmless. The only move it knows is Jarate Splash. This move, while slightly better than splash as it lowers defense outside of water, remains useless as it still does not follow up with an attack. However, if another mercenary or TF2-nimal happens to attack while the victim is coated, it will take extra damage. This is not often a problem though, as Snipikarp only appear in friendly areas and its natural habitat is the water, where the Jarate Splash is negated by the water. When there is danger nearby, a Snipikarp will usually use its move, then flee to safety before any harm can be done. It resembles more of a squid in this way.

The Shiny SnipikarpEdit

An incredibly rare subspecies, the Shiny Snipikarp, tends to be more dangerous than other Snipikarps, but easy to defeat nonetheless. Defeating a Shiny Snipikarp is quite the burden anyway, because the average person has only a 1/8192 chance of encountering one. A more sensible TF2-mon trainer, however, should be able to catch a Shiny Snipikarp without killing it. It has Jarate Splash, like most Snipikarps, but this subspecies has it buffed up. A Shiny Snipikarp can now use Jarate Splash to confuse others, make opponents flinch, AND make the intruder paralyzed. Very rarely, however, it can lower all of the enemy's defenses by three stages! Unless you hit yourself in your own confusion, Shiny Snipikarps will still pose almost no threat.


Ground/Water type TF2-mon

Lowest stat: Defense

Highest stat: Special Attack

TF2-dex Entry: The Snipikarp is often regarded as an annoying pest in the TF2 world. It wallows around in its own urine to cool itself down, often spraying excess waste around itself.

Required ItemsEdit


  • Jarate


  • Master's Yellow Belt
  • Cozy Camper
  • Other Jarate-related items