Sniperworm (Often called "Teh Sniparwirm") is an endangered species of Snipopedulasin.

Behavior Edit

Sniperworms are docile and curious creatures that are usually found in dry areas (which they are always trying to turn into lush gardens of plantlife). If approached by a threat, they always try to dig underground and hide, or they wiggle away. Their way of attacking is interesting.

The Sniperworm vomits up a jar of urine which is instantly launched at the target. The victim alway feels extremely awkward and will rush out of the area. Other TF2-nimals like Sniperdile smell the scent, attacking and disposing of the victim. Such hunting, added by the fact of not having many self defence mechanisms, leads to more often than not the Sniperworm being killed.

For some reason or another, nobody has told me what they look like, so if you have knowledge of this, please edit this bit. I honestly can't add anything unless I understand what I'm adding.

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