A recently discovered species, the Sniperroo has little documented information.
2014-11-02 00006

A Aggressive Sniperroo Male

The Sniperroo is a very dominant creature which lives in big family groups; every other male or stranger will get attacked by them instantly. They attack with their large feet and claws. They always wear glasses to hide their eyes. It is unknown why they do this; it may be that their eyes are sensitive to sunlight. They originally inhabited Sawmill, but after a long period of heavy rainfall, Pyrosharks began to dominate the area, forcing the Sniperroos to migrate to warmer areas, such as Badlands.

Evolution Edit

It is believed that the Sniperroo evolved from an ancient species known as the Snipouslictilium or what it is called most of the time " prehistoric sniperoo". This creature was very small but was forced to evolve due to the large heat wave. After many genrations the first Sniperroo was created. We are still finding more clues to their evolution today in the badlands.

Diet Edit

The Sniperroo eats mostly tough, nutritious roots and nuts. It is however known to eat insects and small reptiles. It is assumed to these less appetizing foods to avoid competition with larger and more ferocious predators.Also some idiot made a company that sells food for sniperoos it is called num nums and can be used as bait to study them

Reproduction/behaviour Edit

Sniperroos live in troops of 8-12, generally led by the most powerful male. Rival troops will often fight for better foraging land. Sniperoos are intelligent animals and have been reported to have discoverd fire and splicing their genome has revealed an abundance of the gene which sometimes triggers sentience. Snipperoos mate all year round, however when food and water are both abundant, breeding rates will massively increase. Males will wrastle and kick for more females which results in more powerful offspring.

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