"I am an owl! Hoot hoot!"

~A Sniper Owl

The Sniper Owl Edit

The Sniper Owl is a very similar, but evolved version, of the Piss Owl. This evolved version seems to have grown visible wings. Sniper Owls are passive, unless provoked. They seem to have gained some sort of genetic mutation, allowing them to shoot their talons, only to regain them back in seconds. Like the Piss Owl, they can throw Jarate at enemies. When in positions in which that their primary defensive techniques are provoked, they always carry around a bit of prey with them, and they use that to fight with, sometimes. This species is very small in range, only to be recorded in Sunset Saloon, and GM-Temple. This species is considerably rare right now, so a team of professionals are try to gather up all of them to make sure they are safe, and to get them to breed so the Sniper Owls will grow in numbers. Essentials and a few others are very excited to research more about this very interesting species.

Birdwatching and Sightings Edit

Dr. Marxman was visiting Clocktown when he found a Sniper Owl who lived in a forest. It easily flew to other posts (Grapple), making hunting prey easy. He was calm toward Marxman, and did not kill him. The Owl was seen using its sharp talons to grapple onto its prey, then swipe at it repeatedly, killing it. It is very quick, and is rarely hunted.

Another sighting was in Sawmill, where it was seen hunting prey from an extremely long distance. These creatures are extremely accurate, and are said to never or rarely miss a shot. They are thought to be mythical, but that is disproved, for very obvious reasons.

How to Become a Sniper Owl Edit

Weapons: Huntsman, Jarate, Ham Shank/Kukri

Miscs: Sir Shootsalot, Birdman of Australiacatraz, Sir Hootsalot (Optional)

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