An ordinary Snailgineer,walking along his merry way.

Once thought of as a bulkier Spycrab, the Snailgineer is in no way related to it. The snailgineer is recognizable by its large shell (A building box, gained by carrying a finished building). This shell is durable, but does not cover the creature enough to provide much protection.

Near Extinction and Conservation EffortsEdit

The fact that the Snailgineer moves so very slowly makes it a tempting target to predators and hunters. This led to overhunting of the species, similar to the endangerment of the Spycrab and Sniperdile . Thankfully, all three of these species have been given a second chance as conservationists are now working hard to prevent the hunting of the Snailgineer (which is now illegal). They hope to soon bring the Snailgineer population back up, just as they have been doing with the other two species.


1. Be an Engineer

2. Build any building

3. Walk around, hauling said building