What They Are Edit

The tuckerman comis gravitelame or otherwise known as the smissmass hoovy is a docile creature who will almost never attack unless a w+m1 pyro comes into the server in which he will rage out and become a tryhard. This process is terrifying yet magnificent to watch, the heavy almost always killing the pyro and then becoming docile almost instantly after. It also seems they may be related to the nubiblus


This species is quite nomadic and happy to live anywhere. Their favorite spots are the tunnels in sd_doomsday and the bench at point A on cp_degrootkeep. If they are not on any of these maps they are hiding out in some shady areas where there is room to house at least 3 hoovys, space to taunt and not blocking a cap.


Their numbers are declining very fast as the amount of tryhards and F2P players come and don't understand that they are here to help and won't try to attack you. Unless a large mass of hoovys are in a space and can fight off the attackers, every w+m1 pyro killed is another 5 hoovys slain. Please help by donating to S.H.E.P (smissmass hoovy environmental protection). If we don't help protect them, they may die too soon.

Another deadly predator is the pyro-dile, because of how much they imitate a F2P's empty soul but a normal animal's intelligence. We are not sure why they are hunting the friendly species but it may be linked to the fact that they are gluten free and most friendly hoovys do not use anything other than a sandvich or robot sandvich.

What they do for usEdit

Instead of just the generic hoovy by dispensing sandviches they also despense laughter by somehow hitting a special nerve on the back of them which is connected to certain parts of the brain. This means that they are the most needed hoovy species in wars. From being able to raise moral and heal to being able to paralyze the eneamy before launching a deadly substance from their fingers while saying POW.

What to wear and useEdit

You need to hold the smissmass punch and the sandvich. Only use your minigun when in danger or when near a dangerous foe who has not seen you yet.

Wear the Siberian sweater, tough guy's toque and the sandvich safe.

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