The Sky Engies

Sky Engies. One of the rarest and most dangerous species of Engineers out there. They were rumored to exist at the dawn of tf2 and the bane of Gibus everywhere. They build Flying Sentries to shoot at unsuspecting inhabitants below and Flying Dispensers to arm and heal them selves. They trap inhabitants of Badlands in their bases. They make traveling on foot very difficult, but not impossible. They shoot down Explosive Soldier Birds and Demodactyls alike. They can even bring Badlands' inhabitants into their domain.

Behavior Edit

Sky Engies' unnatural sentry placements gives them an huge advantage over survival of the fittest. While it's true many creatures and inhabitants can shoot them down and destroy their sentries and dispensers, however, it takes fierce dedication and fire power to take down a nest. Skynests are the bane of every creatures and inhabitants of Badlands' existence because of how hard it is for spies to get there. But not to mention that Demomen's stickies are ineffective against the nest. A coordinated assault on the Skynest would be the best way to take it down. However, in the Badlands, cooperation is uncommon, and many creatures and inhabitants would rather kill each other than to work together.

A well coordinated and well protected Skynest can not only destroy all, but can also be made into a perfect paradise for whom ever they've allied themselves to. We don't know when or why they choose to let other creatures and inhabitants up to their domain. All we do know is they leave a teleporter behind for others. Those who are luck enough to be transported will enter a land called, the Sky Box. Not much is known about the Sky Box. But we do know that we can stand on it and shoot at the things below. The Sky Box is the perfect home for the dangerous Snipoachers, the peaceful Pootisbirds and Hoovies, the juvenile engineers, the Gunspies, the Turtle Engnis, the Snipikarps, and so on.

Indeed, the Sky Engies are truly a powerful creature. That is why the Sky Engies are so rare, because Admin Abusers, Kickers, and even the Valve Gods are making the Sky Engies go extinct on purpose.

Portable Toaster's Fascination Edit

Considering that these new facts on the Sky Engie have popped up, it has caught the attention of Portable Toaster, biologist. He will look into these plus another few undocumented creatures as part of his sudden return. If you have any info, please contact Portable Toaster ASAP.

Required items Edit

  • Rescue Ranger
  • The Jag
  • Wrangler

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