Shrek Nazis are a species of soldier with poop red feet. They are a humanoid, intelligent species, much like humans. 


Shrek Nazis have poop-red feet, which scare off predators and keep them warm during the winter. Their brain is composed of a jar of week old lettuce with squirts of mayo, which allows them to process eight billion gigawatts worth of pasta recipes and ancient tomes. They have two anuses. 


Shrek Nazis are usually tribe-like, and they are most interested in ancient religions and deities. They worship many gods and demons, usually that of Yog-Sothoth and Kifflom. They enjoy making human sacrifices in the name of their gods, and stoning those who do smell like cottage cheese. 

Shrek Nazis are very close to their shovels, and it is a popular icon of their culture. They are born with the shovels in their right anus, which they can pull out manually if need be. 

Requirements Edit

  • Be soldier
  • Have poop red feet
  • Hold shovel and scream at people while smacking them with said shovel
  • Stare into any possible fire place or camp fire and start making demonic chants
  • Use a texture editor to make poop red feet or something

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