The Shady Goblineer are a rare breed TF2-nimal. They are a member of the Aedificare just like the original Goblineer. Because they are able to create buildings out of metal that they have collected they gather it up for themselves. They usually only create buildings to build the all-mighty metal giving machine: The dispenser. They use the dispenser almost like a base in which they protect, live off of and get the necessary resources from to survive.

The Shady Goblineer usually set up their dispenser in a hiding spot which people don't usually go to. After their dispenser is put up, the hard part of being a Shady Goblineer comes into part as they venture out of their nests to gather the resources to upgrade their dispenser, hoping it doesn't get destroyed in the process.

Once their dispenser is fully upgraded (Level 3 dispenser) they then protect it until death to either the TF2-nimal or the dispenser (Usually the TF2-nimal). When people start invading their hiding spots and abuse their dispenser. Once the invader has harassed them or their dispenser, they then either fight to the death or flee with either their cherished 'Dispensy' (as they call it) or run away to rebuild their dispenser.

Their Loadout/Weapon choice: Shady Goblineers can have either the Rescue Ranger (As it benefits its 'Dispensy' or the stock Shotgun (Not the Widowmaker as they cherish the metal almost like Gold / Australium to humans. for a wrench, they usually either carry around a Eureka Effect (When they know they're outmatched against an another opponent or to simply get more metal from he supply cabinet) or The Jag (Which they use to speedily to setup their dispensers. Best used for constant traveling / Being on the move)

Summary: A timid and friendly part of the Aedificare family that tries to stay away from others and builds nests in discreet spots. Usually harmless unless either intimidated by an opponent or if the opponent harms its dispenser. Although they are much like the normal Goblineer, the Shady Goblineer are average in intelligence but are much more cowardly.

How to be a Goblineer: Stay away from combat (unless engages you / Someone attacks your 'Dispensy'). Sneak around and avoid people as much as possible. Build your dispenser in discreet spots (Not in the middle of a battlefield etc.) and protect your dispenser unless you are outmatched (Run away or Use the Eureka effect if equipped).

What Cosmetics to become a Shady Goblineer:

-Vox Diabolus

-Deus Specs OR Special Eyes Bored/Suspicious (I prefer Bored)

-Cute Suit

(On a side note, would be preferable if you painted the cosmetics (Except the Special eyes- Paint those a bright color) a darker color e.g. After Eight, A Distinctive Lack of Hue etc.

Goblineer (Red)

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