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A BLU Sewer Medic threatening an intruder.

The Sewer Medic is an extremely aggressive TF2-nimal that lives in sewers such as those found in 2Fort and Double Cross. This TF2-nimal is well-known for its temper; the Sewer Medic will threaten anyone that enters its home, and will attack them mercilessly if they do not leave. The Sewer Medic is also known for not being able to tolerate sunlight, meaning he never ventures out of his sewer. This flaw in his design means he is virtually powerless outside his home.

Latin Name: Cloaca Utebatur


Dr gaugh and speavy vs sewer medic by speavy-d5r1kgh

A RED Sewer Medic attacking two mercenaries in a sewer. ((This picture was made by Speavy on deviantart)

Though the Sewer Medic has no more strength than a normal human Medic, the Sewer Medic has a variety of attacks that it uses to make sure intruders leave its sewer and never come back. Though it is more well-known for its loud scream, there are other, more lethal attacks in its arsenal... NOTE: Sewer Medics scavenge for crit-o-cola because this gives their scream HIGH bursts of damage and can kill most living beings (except for apex predators).

Leech ClawsEdit

The Sewer Medic has sharp claws (the Ubersaw) that have a strange toxin that saps life force from an enemy. The toxin is unknown to scientists, and it is hard to study without being injected by the Sewer Medic. It is believed the toxin can sap energy from a victim and give it to the Medic, making him stronger.

Organic DartsEdit

The Sewer Medic can also spit out dart-like projectiles from its mouth (the Crusader's Crossbow) that have the same toxin found in its claws. These darts somehow do extra damage if they travel longer distances, making it almost useles to try to run away; if anything, trying to escape after the Sewer medic starts to attack only puts one in more danger.

The darts are easier to study since one can remove the darts, though this usually requires a surgical operation. After intense studies, it was found the darts have heads similar to arrows shot in archery. This head makes it harder to remove the dart; if one just rips it off, the flesh is ripped and the toxin has an easier time entering the bloodstream and damaging the victim. However, it takes a long time for the Sewer Medic to produce these darts and a lot of energy is used for this process, meaning it only uses this attack when it cannot reach its target quickly.

Connections to the PyrosharkEdit

Recently, it was theoried that the Sewer Medic was related to the Pyroshark, a common aquatic TF2-nimal that sometimes shares its territory. The Pyroshark is one of the few creatures the Sewer Medic will not attack. The reasons behind this are unknown, but research is currently underway to find out more about this seemingly friendly relationship between these two species.

EXTRA NOTE: It was recently discovered by Portable Toaster with assist from Professor Scoot that BLU Sewer Medics are more dominant than the RED counterpart.


  • Crusader's Crossbow
  • Default Medigun
  • Ubersaw