The Sergal Edit

The Sergal is a suprisingly rare TF2-nimal, discovered by Dusty and a couple others. The Sergal can take the form of any kind of class, or family. The Sergal is friendly, mainly found running around and minding their own business. It is mainly known for it's signature laugh. The laugh is rapid, somewhat loud, and somehow has the ability to make some people do it themselves. Otherwise, the laugh will make almost anyone happy.

Behaviour Edit

The Behaviour of the Sergal is typical to a normal Merc. Except, they prefer not to attack. Hence, they are friendly creatures. They are very easy to get a laugh out of, thus making them one of the more joyous of TF2-nimals. The Sergals are humorous, nice, and most of the time playful.

Types Edit

There are different types of Sergal, there is the Friendly Sergal, then there's the Competitive Sergal. The Competitive Sergal will do anything in it's power to kill anything, resulting usually in it's death. This is why it isn't seen around where the Friendly Sergal is. There is one special kind of Sergal, it's name is Andre. Andre is a very friendly guy, and he's been known to do different kinds of laughs. He can do a Hyena laugh, Joker laugh, and much more. It entertains most people, but others seem to not like it.

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