The Sentiniper is a sniper-classed slug-like TF2nimal with the looks of a common MvM robot.

Appearance Edit

Sentinipers are usually found to be almost identical to the average MvM sniper-bot. This however is the shell of the Sentiniper, providing it protection from the outside world. The inside of the Sentiniper is quite slimy, resembling a slug. The shell of the Sentiniper sometimes is decorated by various hats, much like a normal mercenary. The colour of a Sentiniper's shell determines gender; red for male and blue for female.

Behaviour and Diet Edit

Despite it's merciless appearance, Sentinipers are quite timid and will try to avoid combat when necessary. If approached by a potential threat, the Sentiniper will attempt to run and hide. If this doesn't work, the Sentiniper will crouch walk over to the threat, ready for conflict. They will anxiously await it's target move, and will strike accordingly. If approached by a friend, Sentinipers will be more open towards the creature. Sentinipers attempt to avoid wet surfaces, salt, loud noises and fire.

2015-06-27 00004

The common female Sentiniper

The common diet of the Sentiniper consists of various nuts, berries, small plants and in a pinch, human food. This leaves it a quiet and peaceful life if unprovoked. The Sentiniper will never eat any types of meat, confirming it to be a herbivore.

Mating Edit

A male Sentiniper will begin his mating call, sounding similar to a MvM robot requesting for help. Any female Sentiniper ready to mate will make their way over to the male. When the female arrives, she shall begin to imitate robotic thank you noises, and thus the two Sentinipers begin to mate.

The female Sentiniper will lay approximately 5-10 eggs after mating, while the male goes out and abandons the female. The male then goes to find any kind of misc to wear, and the behaviour of the Sentiniper changes drastically. Instead of shying away from threats, the Sentiniper will charge at them and slice open the target with a knife-like tool. The Sentiniper will also start generating a yellow substance, found in other sniper-classed TF2nimals as well. Much like it's counterparts, the Sentiniper will throw it around.

Sub-species(?) Edit

At this time, no sub-species have been found. Only rumours will be posted here until further evidence.

Notes Edit

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