Scuidscouts are a species found very recently in deep seas, such as delfinoplaza. They are endangered due to overfishing of more common fish, and are distant relatives of the Scoutranha while being close relatives of the Scoutbird. Their habitats include ponds, lakes, and seas. In ancient times, they used to live in the ocean until an event happened and most ocean-livers were wiped out.

Latin Name: tenuis praecursa

Biology Edit

Their skin is weak and thin, and their main form of protection is their skeleton. As such, they rely on out-manuevering their predators. They are not nearly as fast as Scoutranhas, but due to also being close relatives of the Scoutbird they can briefly jump into the air after bursting with speed enough times. They can attack extremely fast, but they take brief pauses frequently to re-arm themselves. It's important to note that these brief pauses are short compared to other carpo.

Behavior Edit

Scuidscouts are generally timid, as they sneak up upon prey and bite them to death. After feeding, they quickly dart away in order to avoid attracting more attention. If they ever do get attacked by predators, they will quickly jump out of the sea for a long time, which lets them escape.

Relations Edit

Pyroshark - Their main predator. These scuidscouts will be killed instantly with the electrifying jolt of a pyroshark, as it's too much for their weak nervous system to handle. They will float into the air, and eventually dissipate as the energy overwhelms the biological structure.

Angler Heavy - The scuidscouts are lured in, and then promptly finished off with the Angler Heavy's immense power.

Required Items Edit

-Soda Popper

-The Winger (Optional)

-Fan of War

-Splatoon Reference (Optional)

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