The Carpo cornipes, or Scoutyr, are a rare and near mythical creature that is normally seen around Halloween or days and nights of the full moon.


Scoutyr typically can be found in forested areas, such as Sawmill, but they can also be found anywhere and everywhere. They are also not afraid of entering areas with a strong human presence and can sometimes be seen commuincating with local humans and Mercenaries.

Special TraitsEdit

Scoutyr are capable of human speech and aside from their hoofed feet they are too different from humans. Like other Carpo species they are able to run fast and are able to double jump. Aside from being able to double jump they can also triple jump but it seems the third jump harms them a bit when ever they do it. Their triple jump allows them to get to areas that are not accessible to others. Unlike other Carpo species they know how to use human made weapons and can sometimes be found fighting along side the Mercenaries in their various battles across the Badlands.


Scoutyr are only ever seen on days and nights of the full moon or around October near Halloween. It is not sure where these creatures go when it isn't a full moon or around Halloween.

The diet of a Scoutyr typically comprises of berries and other kinds of fruit. Also they can sometimes be found eating meat.

There are two types of Scoutyr that have been identified.

Scoutyr that have metal shoes on their hooves and black fur on their legs are typically Fighter Scoutyr. These Scoutyr are the ones that are typically seen fighting along side the Mercenaries and they tend to eat meat more than anything but it is not uncommon for them to eat berries and other types of fruit.

Scoutyr that do not have metal shoes on their hooves and brown fur on their legs are Peaceful Scoutyr. Though they are typically peaceful and are more apt to run from a fight than to intitate one, some can be very rarely seen fighting like Fighter Scoutyr do with the Mercenaries. Their diets typically comprise of berries and other types of fruit but it's not uncommon for one to eat meat.


Because female Scoutyr have never been seen, how these creatures mate or even they have a mating season is unknown. It is assumed that they mate and reproduce the same way as humans.


Primary: Any Scout Primary

Seconday: Any Scout Seconday

Melee: Atomizer

Hats: Baphomet Trotters (For Peaceful Scoutyr) or Faun Feet (For Fighter Scoutyr) along with any hats and miscs of your choosing