4 scoutranhas searching for food

Scoutranhas are a recently discovered sea animals (discovered by Vanake14). They are quite weak when on their own because of the dullness of their teeth but in big groups they can be deadly. They are a very fast species so it's easy for them to catch food and swim away from dangers.

The Scoutranha has been theorized to be a decendant of the Fan-O-War scout, or, FoW .


Scoutranhas attack about anything that they can see swimming around in water. They are always hungry and looking for prey. They can be deadly for slower swimmers or unaware humans. Scoutranhas usually hunt in groups.

Scoutranhas seem to grow up really fast. When they are young, they are really slow but as they catch more prey and eat, they get faster. At one point they stop gaining speed, this might be the result of water friction.

Required Items:Edit

Baby Face's Blaster

The Fan O'War

Bonk! Atomic Punch (optional)