Origin Edit

This species originated in Boston, and found it's way to 2fort and Turbine. From there, it spread to many different areas.

Habits Edit

This creature can easily fly, and also skim the water. The Scouteagle's diet contains of fish, as it can often be seen carrying around it's prey(Holy Mackerel) and hitting enemies with the fish. It can reach great heights while in the air, by shooting it's waste(Force-A-Nature) and zooming up into the sky for more height. It can also shoot it's waste at enemies to push them back while damaging them, and then flaps it's wings to hit hard dirt at enemies to finish them off(The Winger). This eagle can fly 25% higher than other species of birds when it's wings are active.

Requirements Edit


-The Winger

-Holy Mackerel

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