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Scout Bird!


The Scout Bird is a rare species and only known (by research) to mate and grow in the towers of hightower,they also migrate there by heading to the crevice to do they're ritual which is still unknown.We have 5000 reports of these amazing creatures from Thailand to the great aussie outback.Anyway on some more pressing matters,these have cousins which are pretty weird because the cousins are actually mutations which you can read down below.


These peaceful Scoutbirds are well...peacefull no matter what they dont attack but some have gone rogue and went of killing some animals.

WARNING: If You Come Contact With A Rogue Scoutbird....RUN! They Kill No Matter What!

Growth and mating

The Little Scoutbirds often have a diet of a herbivore a.k.a a plant eater so they do NOT eat any other human or any animal we know...

Scoutbirds are rare to find in the winter as they have no warmth so before the leaves fall they head to the crevice at hightower to stay safe.These Scoutbirds only mate in the end of spring and have a large amount of babies a year up to 8000 kids from each mate.So soon we might see alot of Scoutbirds in 3 years or so because we only found these last year and there were only 2 Scoutbirds found in one hightower so we must protect these rare animals from extincition.


Scoutbirds are friends to

Spycrabs (the Scoutbirds help the Spycrabs to migration)

Hoovywhales (Help the Scoutbirds Survival)

Pyroshark (Scoutbirds are helped off water by Pyrosharks)


And Every Other Animal In TF2


The cousins are basically all the animals with scout in there name.

Scientific Name

The Scientific Name for Scoutbird is Scoutius Orumbius (Sk-ow-tee-us-Oo-Ru-m-bee-us)


Soda Popper

Bonk Boy OR Bolt Boy

Chuckle Nuts (Optional)

Team Colour Miscs For Male/Men/Boys And Purple Miscs For Female/Woman/Girl

Rogue Scoutbird:

Same Things But Colours For Miscs Are Dark Green Or Yellow IF Possible.

Flap Jacks Replace Miscs Or Just Use Fast Learner.

'Thank You For Reading And Feel Free To Add More Info!' 

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