131px-Boston Bulldog set

A RED Scouthound getting ready to conga

A Scouthound is a uncommon species of DogitusMcScootiamus. They usually hunt in packs in the wild, their prey being Poker Heavys and Spycrabs. Vegan Scouthounds usually eat Scootflowers or bushes. They are commonly domesticated by mercs and hunters, mercs use them as pets or extra defense units and hunters use them to track down wild animals.

Discovery Edit

Scouthounds were discovered in a goat barn when Dr. Scoot investigated paranormal activity there, which was actually just a bird eating bacon.

Habitat Edit

Scouthounds usually live in large empty areas with many bushes around them. The scoothounds use these bushes to eat or use as a shower.

They sometimes live under bridges or barns.

Requirements Edit

  • Be on Halloween server
  • Boston Bulldog set
  • Melee of chose
  • Run after enemies while spamming "BARK BARK" in chat or mic and beat enemies.

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