The Scootgull is a recently discovered species notorious for its gluttony and greediness. They will very literally eat anything that they can get their hands on.

Behavior and DietEdit

The Scootgull is widely known for its tendency to steal others' food right out of their hands. For example, if a Heavy is eating a Sandvich, a wild Scootgull may swoop down and snatch it. After stealing some food, they will yell, "MINE!" and fly to a secluded, safe area to ravenously eat. When they are not hungry, they will rudely insult people and brag about how they can fly and you can't. Because of this, they are a prime target of hunters. When faced with any sort of danger, they will scatter and try a serpentine maneuver to dodge the enemy's attacks. In order to fly, they flap brightly colored wings (coming in red and blue variants) which are tipped with bright, almost glowing pink feathers. Unlike Meembirds, the Scootgull can only fly for a short distance before having to stop and rest. They make up for this in their superb running speed, a common trait shared among other Carpo species. Mating has not been observed yet, and may take a while to get said information. It is presumed that they live in nests like other bird-like TF2-nimals and lay eggs, though this is not proven.


  • The Soda Popper
  • Any food weapon (I.E. Ham Shank, Bonk Punch, etc.)