A sunflower

A wild Scootflower, enjoying the blazing sun

The Scootflower is a common plant growing in areas like 2fort, Mannhattan, and the wasteland known as tc_hydro.

They often shout at travelers, with something like "Hey chucklenuts! I'mma flowah!" or something among those lines. They are usually picked for gardens, pets, decor, or even additions to salads.

When eaten, they usually scream or say "Didn't hurt."

Discovery Edit

The Scootflower was discovered by Dr. Scoot on one of his journeys to explore Hydro, trying to find any life in 2007.

Guide on growing Scootflower Edit

Seeds of Scootflowers can be bought at supermarkets and Mann Co stores. In order to correctly plant a Scootflower, you must throw them onto the ground and repeatedly stomp on them until they crush into the dirt.

After that, pour a bottle of water on the seeds and wait for 3-4 hours. Results may very.

Being a Scootflower Edit

  • Be a Scout
  • Have a bat (seed of a Scootflower)
  • Be crouching in a field like area or near water
  • Stay perfectly still

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