Scoot Labs is a research program ran by Prof. Scoot. T
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hey currently research tf2nimals, develop technology, and are currently trying to open a portal to another dimension. Secretly, they capture and contain anomalous objects.


1980 Edit

Scoot bought the original lab equipment that was going to be used in the early lab.


The lab that was soon going to be used for Scoot Labs HQ was built by Prof. Scoot, used as a place to store his many pet tf2nimals and research strange objects and animals.


The lab was taken over by Scoot once again when he was hired as a TF2 biologist.


After the strange disappearance of Scoot, he took over the lab once again and founded his own company, Scoot Labs. It would go on to be one of the most important research companies on Earth.


Scoot Labs was demolished by the Covenant, and only the remnants that weren't absorbed into the Covenant remained. 

Ater the Covenant's fall in August 2017, Scoot Labs was rebuilt from the ground up by Dr. Bacon. Having virtually no funding, they soon fell into obscurity, only making ocassional headlines here and there. 



Lead ScientistsEdit

  • Professor Scoot (legally deceased)
  • Dr. Mexican Hat
  • Dr. Strips
  • Dr. Bacon


Scoot Labs isn't just researching TF2nimals, there are multiple divisions within the agency.

TF2nimal Research DivisionEdit

The main focus of the organization. It is also one of the most funded.    

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Protecting the Future DivisionEdit

A program that was caused by fear of atomic fire. This program
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funds fallout shelter supplies, research in radiation, the building of fallout shelters, and the preserving of modern day information (including the research of Scoot Labs) for humanity to use if an event like like that happens.

Biohazard DivisionEdit

A research division dedicated to diseases entirely, and the research of possible cures.

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Endangered Species Division Edit

This program regularly supplies shelters and food for multiple endangered species, such as the Spycrab. They currently have 60 facilities world wide.  
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Groups of InterestEdit

The SCP Foundation

A government program similar to Scoot Labs. They have helped us at least seven times and some Foundation personnel have been hired. Considered neutral and an ally. Scoot Labs has gone against the Foundation, but often they haven't noticed or have forgiven us over time.

TF2nimal Hunters UnitedEdit

A large criminal syndicate of poachers that hunt down TF2nimals, mostly endangered ones. Scoot Labs has been raided several times by THU, but all attempts have failed. If a THU base/soldier is spotted by Scoot Lab satellites, Taskforce-THU is to be dispatched.

Considered a threat and will be killed on sight.

The CombineEdit


Clone CoEdit

A company that produced clones for purchase. It collapsed after two clones went rogue and sabotaged the factories.

Recovered Entries Edit

Grantfare Corp.Edit

A similar company created by a "Dr. Alan Grant". It was created only recently, and is researching "every TF2nimal." Considered a competitor/threat. If Grantfare personnel discover Site-002-Site-[REDACTED], Protocol 13 is to be taken into effect. 

TF2nimal Research FacilityEdit

A smaller organization of researchers. Rumors have surfaced of them having Foundation technology. Being investigated. Currently considered neutral.

TF2-000 ProjectEdit




>OPENING FILE: _tf_100.exe

Outside of researching TF2nimals, Scoot Labs has a side project of containing strange objects and keeping them in containment chambers. This project is highly top secret, and not even Scoot's grandmother knows about the project. Only a short amount of staff know about this project.

You can make TF2-000s, but make them fit in the format.

Object LevelsEdit

  • Friendly: Easy to contain, and poses no harm.
  • Merc: Easy to contain but is harmful.
  • Tryhard: Hard/easy to contain, and is VERY harmful. Maybe even world ending harmful.

Log of Anomalous ItemsEdit

You can add items to this list. All items are stored in Site-001.

  • A standard medigun, that, instead of healing, makes portals similar to the Aperture Science portal gun.
  • A bar of australium, that when exposed to sunlight, will create 30 fried chicken strips.
  • A microwave that can make a thousand chicken nuggets with one tank of caustic soda. Currently stored in the cafeteria. All non-TF2-000 staff are to be told that it's a new invention.
  • A barrel of about 400 gallons of a liquid form of The Green Flu. About 12 subjects have been infected, and all have been either contained or killed. Is currently stored in a high security biohazard chamber.
  • A Dalokah's bar that can turn into a sentient mercenary made of chocolate at will. 
  • A regenerating sandvich