A Scewt is an uncommon creature, believed to be some sort of fish. It is found mainly in maps with large bodies of water, or shallow pools of water. This creature is Endangered, because of Pyrosharks frequently hunting this poor creature.


This species is irritated easily and usually does not hesitate to attack. Many people accidentally collide with Scewts in the water, which ends up to them getting seriously hurt, and sometimes killed. Scewts are also extremely aggressive with other Scewts that are the opposite colour of them.


They mainly hunt smaller, slower creatures, including the occasional Sollybird kill. Due to it's unbelievable speed, it has developed an attack-and-run strategy. If there is nothing to eat nearby, the Scewt will settle for some tasty watercress and other water plants.


Scewts have brilliant blue scales or red stripes that absorb the sunlight, allowing them to thrive in cold lakes. It is believed this creature can shift its scales to instead deflect the sunlight, keeping them cool in warmer bodies of water.

Items requiredEdit

  • BFB for speed

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