The Scelf is a mythical creature discovered by Darkly l Aperture Ham delivering presents to the people of Boostertower, trying to make their people happy and excited. The Scelf is a humanoid creature resembling a humans, but two distinct appearances make this creature stick out. These two parts ar                     



e it's ears, which are longer and pointier then an average Human ear and it's clothing, which is decorated with Red and Green somewhat resembling a Christmas Elf. Researchers proved that the Scelf isn't a human with a simple blood test in which one of our members was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Otherwise this creature is very friendly and constantly offers gifts to explorers, civilians, or even mercenaries. 

Status: Friendly: 8 out of 10

    Hostile: 2 out of 10


The Scelf as mentioned, lives happily in Winter Ridge where the climat drops below -68 degrees celcius, proper clothing must be worn if investigating or visiting this creature. Please travel in groups of 

Thm 119366c

Winter Ridge

4 if travelling to this area due to more body heat needed to survive during the night which is freezing cold. It is unknown how this creature can withstand these harsh conditions in the environment it lives in which makes this a fascinating creature to the organization.


The Scelves love to deliver presents to all the habitants of the Earth, and seems to only begin to start during the winter which makes us believe that these animals can only survive during cold climats do to their adaption to extreme temperatures. They seem to be easily offended so in other words, insulting it physically or verbally might get him angry or hostile. Furthur research will be carried out by: {TF2BT}------ -------.


To be a Scelf, you must wear the following:

- The Big Elfin Deal

- The Bootie Time

- The Wrap Assassin

Wiki Page by: Aperture Ham

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