Saucepan Soldiers, or Saucepan Sollys, are a Species of the Militis Family discovered by Dr. Marxman. they wear a large Saucepan on their head, and carry a frying pan around with them. Some of these creatures even wear a bucket over their heads. They are prone to violence, probably due to their alcoholism issues. They have been seen to gamble, drink, smoke, steal, or do other acts of wrongdoing and/or crime. They mainly obtain their Alcohol from Demomen and their subspecies, and foolish, careless, and downright stupid mercenaries. They do not purchase their items, they simply steal. They have been seen to engage in trade, but refuse to give their items up, making them a hated species. They are endangered due to them all being hated by mercenaries. For food, they steal from Breadgineers. They are too lazy to hunt and are not very intelligent. They are said to live underground, in tunnels or caves, or in trenches during battle. They have been seen playing Blackjack in trenches during battles before. They never steal high value items, like Goblineers do. They simply steal to survive. They have a love for crates, and refuse to unopen them. Their backpacks are usually full of these, and when offered keys, declined. Strangely, though, they only like standard Mann Co Supply Crates. Some of them have a backpack and bronze horn, used to symbolize attack or raid. They have been seen to raid Breadgineer tunnels in large groups, robbing this innocent species of food. The food will never go to waste, as their gluttony and laid back lifestyle is their main focus. Some of them have a card and a pack of cigarettes in their pan or bucket, but not all do. They do this to cheat at their gambling. They also never gamble with others, only between each other. If you see one, make sure your items are secure, and let it be on its way. Of the despicable things it does, killing is not on its list. They have even been seen to be kind to Friendlies. They only care about their survival, and their own ways of defeating boredom. The scientists have issued warnings all over the badlands to be aware of these creatures, and to keep your supplies safe.

Requirements: Edit

Stainless Pot or Brain Bucket

Frying Pan

Soldier's Stash (optional)

Battalion's Backup (optional)

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