Sauceolium Medics were a species that had the ability to easily synthesize Sauceolium, a mixture of a secret chemical formula and pure Australium. Sauceolium has negative effects on the body, including mutation. Sauceolium Medics, however, were not affected by this. They made massive amounts of it, and were hunted for this. Sauceolium is worth 50 buds a gallon, as it is extremely hard to make, only a few scientists know how to make it, and it has destructive properties. Dr. Marxman called these Medics "The Chemists Of The Badlands", due to their immense knowledge of chemistry, and without it, Sauceolium could not be produced. Due to these creatures' extinction, it is unknown where they kept the all of the Sauceolium they made. It is also unknown how they collected all of the ingredients to make it. There is thought to be a Gigantic Storage of Pure Sauceolium (Contained, Obviously). There have been over 100 expeditions for the storage, all of which failed terribly, including some fatalities. When asked about it, Dr. Konstantin Marxman simply replied: "Do you honestly believe that the storage would be easy to find?". The Biologist Team is very close to reviving these medics through cloning. Goblineers have tried to find the storage, but due to their incompetence, this has been practically impossible.

Species classification: Edit


Name: Sauceolim Medics

Genus: 'Tranquillitas-Medicus'

These Medics are now extinct because of being hunted and murdered by other creatures.