Sauceolium is a resource composed of Australium and a Secret Chemical Mixture known by only a few players, including Dr. Sauce and Marxman. When the ingredients combine, it creates a strangely powerful mixture with strange capability. In its unrefined form, it can mutate those who come into contact with it without protection. This is called the Saucy Effect. Sauceolium is thought to be what created the Hunchbackgineer. It can be refined, but only Dr. Sauce knows how to refine it. If it is in its refined form and it is ingested, it will give the person that ingested it a genius mind. It is highly sought out, despite the fact exposure for even the shortest periods of time will result in unsightly mutation. This substance was also known by an entire species, the Sauceolium Medics. They were normal medics, but when they learned how to synthesize Sauceolium, they made A LOT of it. Instead of mutation from all the exposure, they only became more intelligent. They each have an IQ of 350 or over, which they focus on Chemistry. They never shared their secret to anyone else, causing these medics to be hunted all across the BadLands. They were one step ahead, and they hid themselves and their Sauceolium Supply. This supply is highly sought out, with over 100 expeditions being sent out to find this location. Sauceolium will not react with any other element or compound, and is extremely volatile. It has been calculated by the scientists that know the recipe, that if you placed as much as a briefcase full of Sauceolium into the Doomsday Rocket, it would be able to travel light years into space. Sauceolium does not run out when used as a fuel, which is one of the main reasons so many people desire it. Its color is usually a molten yellow color, and it is always heated. It can reach up to 10 Million degrees Fahrenheit, and can burn through the strongest of materials.