Sandvich Medic Men are a species of sentient RED-exclusive Medics. They are a very brutal and clan based species, and
250px-Medicine Manpurse
will attempt to conquer both RED and BLU bases. However, if one bribes them with a Sandvich, they will become peaceful to the area. 


Sandvich Medics often live in small villages located under bridges, in caves, or in secret areas in maps. They build their village from spare parts from broken sentries, dispensers, etc.

They worship Sandvichwar, which is an ancient deity said to have created the Sandvich itself.

A group of one or ten Sandvich Medics often leave the nest to raid and plunder, as well as dominate and take control of areas. They then populate said posts with Sandvich Medic soldiers; those trained to kill.


King Sandvich MedicEdit

The king of the tribe. They often wear masks carved from freshly cut wood, and they command and overseer their community.

Commander MedicEdit

A Sandvich Medic Man that wears a helmet made from the teeth of their enemies. They are high ranking Medic Soldiers who train the lowly rankers.

Female Sandvich MedicsEdit

An extremely rare variant of Sandvich Medics, as males can reproduce by vomiting sandvich shaped eggs out of their urethra after eating twenty one sandviches. They cannot spawn eggs, so this is why they are rare. There is a 1/100,000,000 chance of a female being born.


They were discovered by Professor Scoots after he found a dead Medic and slapped its ass, which made billions of Sandvich Medic Men fall from the sky and attack him.  


  • Medicine Manpurse (optional)
  • Über Saw
  • Vaccinator
  • Any needle gun
  • Alternative Medicine Mann (King)
  • Prussian Pickelhaube (Commander)

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