These docile creatures live near large, enterable structures like buildings, so they are found in places like 2Fort, Nucleus, and other places with large structures. They never attack anything unless someone nearby has a Medigun beam connected to them. If that is the case, not only is the target in trouble, but the Medic healing him is also in danger, as they possess a weapon capable of transmuting pain through a Medigun beam. The process is unclear, but theories are always popping up. Whatever the case, the Rock Pyro is a danger only to Medics healing any wounded person, so Medics are to be on high alert in Rock Pyro territory.

A few specimens of the Rock Pyro have been seen wearing some sort of odd badge on their person, possibly found among the littered corpses of mercenaries from other servers. These badges vary in size, shape, and color, and some suggest that the bigger and brighter the badge is, the greater status the wearer possess. This primitive hierarchy keeps stronger Rock Pyros in position to lead the weaker individuals through rough times. As this is a relatively new species, studies must be further done to find out more of this primitive society.

Recent studies show that Rock Pyros will not attack those who wield either an Equalizer or an Escape Plan, as the pickaxes somehow block Medigun beams. As a result of this unusual side effect, one is able to befriend or, in some cases, even tame a Rock Pyro to be a sort of companion. And if the tamer assists the Rock Pyro in killing a medic and his patient, the creature will play a bass riff on his axe to thank the companion for the help.

A Rock Pyro has come under the command of the first observer of the Rock Pyro, Agent Lemon. Agent Lemon, also an accomplished TF2-nimal zoologist and Pyro expert, stated on the topic: "...they are extremely useful and kind when tamed and will assist you in any way possible, ranging from fetching items to even poker at one point. They are also very happy to give you the same power as them, I find the coils of superheated australium is the cause of the medic beam transfer."

Required Items:Edit

Rock pyro

A Rock Pyro example loadout

-The Third Degree

-Any of the grordbort symbols