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Robots are machines created to resemble mercenaries. They had originally been killed for money, weapons, and cosmetics, which they will no longer accept (see Robolution). They had also been kept in slavery for those who could afford robotic services, but one day, the head servant of a wealthy trader simply named A1, went to the room with his Australium weapons, collected the sniper rifle, and shot his owner. This servant had a "soul" device implanted into him earlier (to make him more competent and feel guilt and other emotions, which he later learned to use), which he gave to other robots to begin his army. This was made known when they stole a massive supply of tanks and carrier tanks and began their revolution. Now, most of them have this free will and fight humans. They have never been seen killing TF2-nimals, as they do not need food or water, and are only out to hunt humans. Some TF2-nimals have been seen to help the robots and vice versa, and it is feared they might team up to make an even larger revolt.

Uses to Humans Edit

Robots, as stated earlier, acted as servants and targets to humans, and fighting for them or against them, such as boxing robots. They have been seen to kill humans in the ring, except for once when a young boxer was able to beat the robot thanks to pure skill. Giant Heavy-bots are used as "tanks" for the robots to stand behind, heal, and absorb damage from.

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