The Robolution is an event that occurred very recently when a small group of robots banded together and decided they were done with the harassment they had been receiving from humans. Using the same technology that gave these robots an artificial "soul" (a small generator invented by Konstantin Marxman, yet powered by Sauceolium), they took human brains and put them into robot bodies. Their army is rapidly growing, some would say at a terrifying rate. This page will have recent Robolution-related events that have/are happen(ing).

The Human Massacre Edit

May 16, 2015: The group of robots banded together, acquired powerful weapons, and murdered a fairly large group of human attackers. They then placed their brains into new robots to further their army.

The Rusty Bucket Bay Incident Edit

May 20, 2015: The fairly larger robot army hijacked a colossal ship at Rusty Bucket Bay, and successfully escaped into the water with it. They have not been seen since.

Photo Evidence Edit

May 23, 2015: A biology drone took pictures of the ship from the Bay, with robots clearly seen on it. It is unknown where they are heading, but there was another picture of their leader with his Pomson 6000, but it was thought to be a hoax.