Retarded engineer

The dim-witted Retarded Engineer at its finest

Though most of these dim-witted animals look like normal Engi's, the Retarded Engineer is an entirely different species. Though the looks of these dummies can and will vary from animal to animal, the basics of these creatures is the same. The Retarded Engineer is a harmless, extremely dim-witted beast, with a brain with as much functionality as a human appendix.

These Engis have an unusual fascination with large, round, bright objects, such as the sun, moon, or the common streetlamps. They stare into the source of the light, be it the sun or otherwise, and run around in circles like buffoons. The males seem to utter battle cries as they scurry, making some believe this is a sort of mating dance or territorial display. All Retarded Engineers are completely harmless unless provoked, and would rather run away from danger than confront it.

Differing Subspecies and Mutations

As stated before, the looks of a Retarded Engineer can vary from animal to animal. Some herbivorous specimens have large Antlers, used to scrape bark from trees. Others have heads, wings, and limbs similar to a large fly, making them opportunistic scavengers. Others still have rabbit-like ears that somehow affect their brains to make them want to fight crime all day. Other unique mutations are discovered each day, and many theories conflict to explain the origins of such weird looks.

One theory, drafted by Pootis-Man, suggests that the mutations are caused by something blamed to cause the dumb behavior of hillbillies: inbreeding. Pootis-Man suggests this not only causes strange mutations, but also explains why all these creatures are so freaking stupid!!! While not the most likely or pleasing theories, it is just one of the many things trying to answer questions about these unusual dummies.

Required Items

-Pistol/ Lugermorph

It is also suggested to wear any quirky or silly hats/ miscs, such as:

-The Antlers

-The Brundle (Engineer fly item set)

-Max's Severed Head

-the Bucking Bronco taunt