Reptires are parasitic reptilians that leap onto the cranium of a mercenary host and lays an egg into their brains.


This egg hatches and starts to slowly grow inside of the hosts brain until it is large enough to start devouring the host, leaving nothing but the features viewable on the outside.

These creatures avoid sunlight due to the fact that it will burn the hosts skin off revealing the scales underneath.

The creature will then slaughter a larger creature (Usually a heavydile or sniperdile) and lay eggs in there abdomen.

These eggs will hatch into the small impregnating variants and the cycle continues.

Variants Edit

Due to the second stage after impregnation, there are many different variants, although only 3 have been



Impregnative: Edit

These creatures, although coming in many different colours, share the same goal: Find and impregnate a host.

Once the host is impregnated the creature will attempt to impregnate another host until it eventually dies.

(requires the Alien Swarm parasite)

Sniper: Edit

These creatures are the result of an Impregnative impregnating a sniper host.

These creatures are the ones most affected by skin burning and will often be the first to attack a creature to lay eggs in.

(requires the Reptiloid set(cranial conspiracy and scaly scrapers))

Pyro: Edit

These creatures are the result of an Impregnative imoregnating a pyro host.


The creatures are the safest from skin burning due to the fact that no skin is exposed.

They will only attack a potential egg bearer when they really need to.

(requires the Vampyro)


First host of a sniperdile was found the observers called him garbage. he went missing for 4 weeks and when found he had a large hole in his head and his chest was bursted open.

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