Once a species extremely close to extinction, the Reindeergineer is slowly making a comeback thanks to genetic cloning. The last Reindeergineer was discovered close to death, but scientists managed to save the creature, and started using its genetic code to recreate the species.


While not all Reindeergineer have antlers like the specimen recovered (possibly due to mutations), these newly born clones quickly established a positive relationship with the old male. Efforts to repopulate the Reindeergineer community continue, and scientists hope to set the creatures back into the wild, hopefully away from the creatures believed to have almost hunted them to extinction, the PyroShark and the Sniperdile .

Recent DiscoveriesEdit

Reindeergineer are massively magical creatures, gaining abnormal abilities upon Smismass day, this is normally the day where they are summoned to pull the Smismass Sleigh. There is not a single TF2nimal who has experienced likewise, although rumours of Reindeer Medics, Pyros, Spies, Soldiers, Demomen, Scouts, Heavies and Snipers have been heard. However, any of these rumours are yet to be confirmed.

After researching the old male, studies show that the Reindeergineer usually gathers food from its dispenser, and that wherever they build their sentry, they stay in this nest until they either die, or the sentry is destroyed. Normally a peaceful animal that loves music, the Reindeergineer has been known to attack with its sharp antlers/horns when it or its nest is provoked.

A strange mutated subspecies, known only as the Hungry Reindeergineer, are more adapted to eating meat than their normal cousins. However, they use up more energy more quickly due to a higher metabolism, and thus need to eat more food, meaning they need to be careful with their energy (metal), or else they won't be able to keep their nest in top condition.

Required Items:Edit

-Frontier Justice

-Southern Hospitality

Hungry Varient:


-Southern Hospitality

Suggested [but not in any way required] misc: