Common dress for the Rattlemedic.

THIS TF2NIMAL IS EXTINCT DUE TO THE INABILITY TO "RATTLE" ANY MORE. Rattlemedics were an uncommon species of the Pugnimedicus, which until recently has remained elusive. From what can be observed the Rattlemedic has show to prefer wide open spaces, often times slithering haphazardly into the middle of the mercenaries battles hissing at unsuspecting passerbys. It is unknown whether or not the Rattlemedic was a predatory species, but from our findings so far we've established it as having a docile nature.

As this is a new species, discovered by DrMrFister, it is unknown whether there are different variants of the Rattlemedic. Further research of the fasinating species is required.


Although the Rattlemedic had seemed to originate from 2Fort, it seemed to migrate to dry, rocky areas such as Badwater with the reason being unknown. The Rattlemedic seemed to avoid water which leads us to believe there is a connection between this species and the Rattlepyro.

Apperance and BehaviourEdit

The Rattlemedic was seen to garnish headwear that covers the whole head, usually with a beak protruding from the middle of it's head. They used to be seen brandishing a needlegun like mass of flesh at it's tail-end.

It's behaviour showed signs of a docile nature, but when threatened/ or threatening it's 'team', so to speak, it seemed to launch itself at the aggressor acting as a distractionary target and/or attempting to scare the agressor away. While a member of the Pugnamedicus, it did not seem to show the healing capabilities of the of species, more research will have to be conducted as our sample size was limited. It is also known, in very rare cases, to strike out in bursts with it's needle-like fangs when it's life is threatened and seems to stand with the lower end of it's body and chase down said agressors, firing careful bursts of possibly venomous shots at it's prey.


  • Headwear covering the entire head.
  • (Preferably) A Blighted/Byte'd Beak
  • Any Needle Gun.

How ToEdit

Hold Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button at same time with sub-40 ammo.

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